Arabella Gibson: A Beacon of Hope for Perinatal Mental Health

Arabella Gibson: A Beacon of Hope for Perinatal Mental Health

Arabella Gibson, the CEO of Gidget Foundation Australia, has made a significant impact in the non-profit sector. With her extensive experience in media and communications, she has effectively guided the organization towards significant growth and raised awareness for perinatal mental health.

Background and Influence

Arabella Gibson’s background is a reflection of her commitment to the advancement of underserved communities, especially women. She holds a Masters Degree in Communication Management from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). This degree has provided her with a strong foundation in strategic communication, equipping her with the skills to lead an organization effectively. Her education has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her leadership style, enabling her to communicate clearly and efficiently, while also understanding the dynamics of organizational management.

In addition to her role at Gidget Foundation Australia, Gibson serves as a Non-Executive Director of Future Women, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women in leadership roles2. This position demonstrates her commitment to fostering gender equality and promoting female leadership. Her involvement with Future Women not only allows her to leverage her expertise to support other women but also offers a platform to advocate for systemic change. Gibson’s influence in these roles underscores her dedication to supporting underserved communities and empowering women.

Arabella Gibson: A Beacon of Hope for Perinatal Mental Health

Achievements and Awards

Arabella Gibson’s leadership of the Gidget Foundation Australia has been marked by notable achievements and recognition. Under her guidance, the foundation has made significant strides in providing support to expectant and new parents who are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety3. These strides include expanding the foundation’s services, increasing its reach, and raising awareness about perinatal mental health.

One of the key achievements during her tenure includes the establishment of the ‘Gidget Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program‘ which has screened over 20,000 expectant and new parents for perinatal depression and anxiety. This program has helped to identify those at risk and provide them with the necessary support, playing a crucial role in early intervention and treatment.

Gibson’s contributions have earned her well-deserved recognition. She was awarded the title of Not-For-Profit Executive of the Year in recognition of her exceptional leadership and significant contributions to the non-profit sector. This prestigious award acknowledges her effective management of the Gidget Foundation Australia and her tireless efforts to improve the mental health of new parents.

Vision and Advocacy

Arabella Gibson’s vision for Gidget Foundation Australia is deeply rooted in her commitment to improving mental health support systems for expectant and new parents. She recognizes that the period of expecting a child and transitioning into parenthood is a critical stage in life, often marked by significant emotional changes.

Gibson strongly believes in the importance of early intervention and accessible support during this period. Under her leadership, Gidget Foundation Australia has focused on providing timely, appropriate, and specialist care for expectant and new parents, addressing their emotional wellbeing.

Her advocacy for increased awareness and support for perinatal mental health is evident in her work. She has led campaigns and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about perinatal depression and anxiety. These efforts have included partnerships with other organizations, development of support programs, and promoting open conversations about mental health in parenthood.

Adapting to Challenges

The field of perinatal mental health faces several challenges, including a shortage of specialists. This shortage represents a significant hurdle in providing necessary care to expectant and new parents who may be dealing with mental health issues.

“Despite these challenges, Gibson has shown remarkable resilience and strategic thinking.”

She understands the importance of building a robust workforce to meet the increasing demand for perinatal mental health services. Under her leadership, Gidget Foundation Australia has developed programs like the ‘Gidget Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program‘ and free telehealth psychological counselling services, which leverage technology to reach more people and provide necessary support.

These initiatives demonstrate Gibson’s adaptability and ability to navigate complex issues. They also reflect her commitment to steering the foundation towards success, ensuring it continues to fulfill its mission of supporting the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents.


Arabella Gibson’s successful tenure as CEO of Gidget Foundation Australia can be attributed to her strong leadership skills, her dedication to the foundation’s mission, and her ability to navigate challenges effectively. Her achievements serve as a testament to the positive impact that strategic leadership can have on an organization and the community it serves.


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