Bridging the Gap: Kate Vale’s Mission for Female-led Startups

We have the receipts – we’d like to start this article with a retraction of our previous article on Kate Vale. Kate Vale personally reached out to the Inspirepreneur team to inform us of some (significant) inaccuracies in the previous iteration of it. She was exceptionally kind, and professional, so a big THANK YOU! to Kate Vale!

Profile Overview

Kate Vale is a seasoned professional in the technology industry, with an illustrious career that includes pivotal roles at some of the world’s most recognized tech brands. Her impressive career spans multiple high-profile roles, including her current positions as Co-Founder and Special Limited Partner at ALIAVIA Ventures, and an Investor, Advisor, and Board Member to various organizations. Vale’s experience includes executive roles at renowned companies such as Google, YouTube, and Spotify. She has proven herself as a dynamic leader and a strategic thinker, leaving an indelible impact on each organization she has been part of.

Professional Journey

It all started at Google, where Kate Vale served as the first employee and Managing Director for Australia. Under her leadership, Google Australia grew from a single-employee venture to a thriving enterprise with hundreds of employees. Vale’s role in building Google Australia from the ground up was instrumental in the company’s early success in the region.

After her successful stint at Google, Vale moved on to head YouTube Australia and New Zealand. Her appointment marked a significant phase in her career, as she was tasked with spearheading YouTube’s growth and development in these regions. Vale rose to the challenge, leveraging her leadership skills and industry knowledge to drive the platform’s expansion.

Vale’s success at Google and YouTube didn’t go unnoticed. Spotify, a leading audio streaming platform, appointed her as the Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. With Vale at the helm, Spotify experienced significant growth and firmly established its presence in these markets.

Vale’s passion for the start-up environment is evident in her career trajectory. From building Google Australia from scratch to steering the growth of YouTube and Spotify in the Australasian region, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments.

Currently, Vale is the Co-Founder and Special Limited Partner at ALIAVIA Ventures, a California based early-stage venture capital firm. In addition to this, she also serves as an Investor, Advisor, and Board Member to various tech startups, providing strategic guidance and mentorship.

ALIAVIA Ventures: Bridging the Gap for Female-led Start-ups

Co-founded by tech industry veterans Marisa Warren and Kate Vale, ALIAVIA Ventures is on a mission to bridge the funding gap for female-led start-ups. The venture capital firm recently announced the successful close of its inaugural fund at $13.5 million AUD ($8.7 million USD).

Warren initially built ELEVACAO, a global pre-accelerator for women tech founders, helping early-stage female entrepreneurs raise over $100 million and achieve 3 exits. This success led Warren to further her mission to support women founders. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and funding for female founders dwindled, Warren reached out to Vale with the idea of starting a venture fund.

Vale, leveraging her experience as a former managing director at Google and Spotify Australia, eagerly joined Warren’s mission. The duo spent six months developing their investment thesis and establishing the back office. Since its inception in 2021, ALIAVIA has invested approximately AUD $8.4 million into nine female-led startups, which include at-home genetic testing company Eugene, online training platform HowToo, and art-streaming startup Loupe.

ALIAVIA Ventures, based in California, invests exclusively in female tech founders in Australia and the U.S. The founders believe in the potential of combining the capital efficiency and revenue generation strategies of Australian markets with the ambition and competitiveness of the U.S. market. Their goal is to see more billion-dollar businesses founded and led by women, and to shift the narrative from women being competitive threats to each other, to women supporting each other in their entrepreneurial journeys.

“Marisa and Kate are pioneers—they’re the first and only pre-Series A VC in Australia to be established by, and invest exclusively in women, and they continue to lead the charge to see great equality in VC funding.”

Anchor investor Carol Schwartz, founder of Trawalla Group

In the U.S., only 1.9% of the $238.3 billion in venture capital allocated last year went to start-ups with all-female teams. This is despite research from the Kauffman foundation showing that private tech companies led by women yield a 35% higher ROI.

Kate Vale and her co-founder Marisa Warren are determined to challenge this status quo. Their venture firm focuses on pre-seed and seed-stage Australian and American startups with at least one female founder building a B2B or B2C tech company. They target sectors such as health tech, fintech, edtech, HR tech, media, and entertainment, with a typical investment size ranging from US$250,000 to $750,000.

Around half of the start-ups backed by ALIAVIA’s first fund are Australian-founded companies. These companies receive guidance on when and how to expand into the U.S., including navigating market differences and securing introductions to potential customers, investors, and talent. One such success story is the Sydney-based online training platform HowToo. Launched at the start of the pandemic, it experienced robust demand in Australia and the U.S., and has since expanded its team to the U.S., boasting over 20 U.S.-based customers, including HubSpot.


Kate Vale’s career is a testament to her strategic acumen, leadership skills, and commitment to gender equality in the tech industry. Vale and Warren, driven by their experiences of gender imbalance in tech, are committed to creating opportunities for women to receive the mentorship and backing that they found lacking in their own careers. ALIAVIA Ventures, born out of this commitment, is a testament to Vale’s dedication to furthering the cause of female founders in the tech industry, not just in Australia, but globally. Her commitment to fostering diversity and supporting early-stage startups is paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative tech landscape.




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