From Court to Corporate: Leander Paes’ Leap into Entrepreneurship

From Court to Corporate: Leander Paes’ Leap into Entrepreneurship

Leander Paes, a name synonymous with Indian tennis royalty, is not just known for his remarkable achievements on the tennis court. After a stellar career studded with Grand Slam titles and Olympic glory, the 18-time Grand Slam Champion is now leveraging his sports acumen in entrepreneurship, poised to conquer another court – the entrepreneurial one.

Serving Up Strategic Investments

Paes’ entrepreneurial journey began with a focus on what he knows best – sports. He co-founded Olympic Gold Quest, a non-profit supporting aspiring Indian athletes, using his experience and network to empower the next generation of champions. Recognizing the gap in high-quality sportswear in India, Paes launched Zeven, a brand crafting functional and fashionable apparel catered to active lifestyles. These ventures highlight Paes’ understanding of the sporting landscape and his commitment to its development.

Recently, Paes has joined Sporjo, an online sports education company, as a Strategic Advisor and Ambassador. The startup raised a $2 million pre-Series A funding round, with Paes coming on board. His association with Sporjo underlines his commitment to promoting sports education and career counseling.

Beyond the Baseline: Expanding Horizons

Paes’ entrepreneurial vision extends beyond familiar territory. He serves as an advisor to The Glitch, a platform connecting athletes with brands, showcasing his ability to bridge the gap between the sporting world and commercial opportunities. His association with ventures like GoSports Foundation and Aarohan, focused on promoting grassroots sports and athlete welfare, reflects a deeper commitment to social impact within the sporting community.

Apart from his involvement with Sporjo, Paes has been vocal about the importance of financial education. He emphasizes teaching children about managing finances from an early age to ensure a financially secure future. This advocacy reflects his broader goal of empowering the next generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate life successfully.

From Court to Corporate: Leander Paes' Leap into Entrepreneurship

The Advantage Paes Possesses

What gives Paes an edge in this new game? His iconic brand image as a national hero resonates strongly with consumers and investors. His extensive network within the sporting world opens doors and facilitates partnerships. Importantly, his entrepreneurial spirit shines through, evident in his strategic investments and hands-on approach.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Paes’ entrepreneurial journey holds promise, it’s not without its challenges. The Indian sports market, though nascent, is fiercely competitive. Ensuring the financial viability and sustained growth of his ventures will require astute business acumen and adaptability. Paes’ ability to leverage his unique strengths and navigate these challenges will determine his success on this new court.

The Final Volley

Leander Paes’ foray into entrepreneurship is an exciting development for the Indian sporting ecosystem. His passion, experience, and strategic approach hold the potential to not only build successful businesses but also contribute to the overall growth and professionalization of Indian sports. As he continues his journey in the business world, Paes is set to leave a legacy that extends well beyond the tennis court.

As Paes himself has said, “I wanted to prove Indians can be world-beaters.” With his transition from sports to entrepreneurship, he continues to do just that – inspire, lead, and prove that success knows no boundaries. As Paes prepares to serve his next aces in the entrepreneurial arena, one can only watch with anticipation, eager to see how this tennis legend transforms his game on the business court.


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