From Down Under to the Top: The Business Journey of Christine Holgate

From Down Under to the Top: The Business Journey of Christine Holgate

Christine Holgate is a figure of resilience, determination, and visionary leadership in the Australian business landscape. This case study delves into Holgate’s career journey, tracing her path from her early career steps to her current role in shaping the future of logistics and mail services.

Early Career: Cable & Wireless and J.P. Morgan

Christine Holgate’s professional journey began in the United Kingdom, where she worked for two prominent companies: Cable & Wireless and J.P. Morgan.

Cable & Wireless was a British telecommunications company that, in the mid-1980s, became the first in the UK to offer an alternative telephone service. Today, it continues to be a leading telecommunications and entertainment provider in the Caribbean and Latin America. Working at Cable & Wireless gave Christine a strong foundation in the telecommunications sector and exposed her to the intricacies of corporate strategy.

After Cable & Wireless, Christine moved to J.P. Morgan, a leader in financial services. This role further solidified her business acumen, providing her with valuable experience in finance.

Transition to Australia: Leading Telstra

In 2002, Christine made a significant career move by relocating to Australia and joining Telstra, one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies. As the Head of Business Sales and Marketing, she played a pivotal role in driving Telstra’s growth.

Her exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen significantly contributed to establishing Telstra as a dominant player in the telecommunications market. She leveraged her previous experiences and knowledge from Cable & Wireless and J.P. Morgan to steer Telstra towards success. Her tenure at Telstra underscored her ability to lead and innovate within competitive markets.

Under Christine’s leadership, Telstra’s business sales and marketing unit thrived, demonstrating her capacity to transform business units into profitable entities. Her work at Telstra set the stage for her future roles, cultivating a reputation as a transformative and effective leader.

From Down Under to the Top: The Business Journey of Christine Holgate

Tenure at Blackmores

In 2008, Christine Holgate took on the challenge of leading Blackmores, a health supplements provider, as its CEO. At the time, Blackmores was primarily a local player in the market. However, under Christine’s leadership, the company underwent a significant transformation.

Christine spearheaded Blackmores’ expansion into Asia, recognizing the potential of this market for growth1. This strategic move resulted in a substantial increase in Blackmores’ market share and stock price, transforming it from a local health supplements provider to a globally recognized brand.

Her innovative strategies didn’t stop there. Christine also placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, leading Blackmores to receive numerous awards for its commitment to responsible business practices. Her near-decade long tenure with Blackmores was marked by unprecedented growth and success, highlighting her ability to lead and innovate.

Pioneering Role at Australia Post

2017 marked another milestone in Christine’s career when she became the first female CEO of Australia Post. Despite facing challenges such as digital disruption and declining letter volumes, Christine successfully guided the organization towards profitability. Her focus on parcel delivery services catering to the growth of online shopping trends was instrumental in this transformation. Her tenure at Australia Post, though marked by controversy, demonstrated her resilience and ability to lead under pressure.

Current Role: Global Express

In 2021, Christine took on the role of Group Chief Executive Officer at Global Express. Here, she continues to demonstrate her leadership prowess and strategic thinking, driving growth and innovation in the logistics and express delivery sector. Under her leadership, Global Express has embarked on a path of digital transformation, leveraging technology to improve efficiency and customer experience.


Christine Holgate’s business journey is a testament to the power of vision-driven leadership and resilience. Her ability to identify opportunities, make bold decisions, and steer organizations towards success, even amid challenges, sets her apart as an influential business leader. Whether it was transforming Blackmores into a global brand or navigating Australia Post through digital disruption, Christine’s leadership has consistently made a significant impact. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders, demonstrating that with determination, strategic thinking, and a pioneering spirit, one can indeed rise from down under to the top.


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