Generative AI for Entrepreneurs

Generative AI for Entrepreneurs

Date and Time

Saturday, May 4 · 3 – 4am AEST



About event

Start Your AI Journey: Transform Your Business with AI

This Zoom webinar is aimed at entrepreneurs who need to quickly catch up on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Traffic Monster. You will be able to use these tools to help you get more work done in less time immediately after this webinar! You will also be able to start using AI Agents to generate traffic for your website.

No prior knowledge of artificial intelligence is required. No technical knowledge is needed.

What you will learn

How to save time TODAY using ChatGPT to do a multitude of tasks. This includes creating business contracts, writing ebooks, creating technical documents, and even reviewing software code .. with no technical experience.

How to use DALL-E and Mid Journey as your personal designer. The image above was created with Mid Journey. You will learn how to create images like this and even more complex images.

How to use Traffic Monster’s AI Agents to build your brand online, generate traffic, generate leads, fill your sales funnel

How GenAI works in a very transformative way that will allow you to work with any GenAI technology including writing complex prompts for any GenAI technology

About your instructor

Rohan Hall and his company, Code Genie AI, assist entrepreneurs in building “AI First” technology businesses to generate wealth with Artificial Intelligence (AI). They achieve this through his AI courses, Code Genie’s AI Technologies, along with technology consulting and software development services.

​Rohan Hall is a published author with several books on business and technology, a sought-after public speaker, technology educator, advisor, and a respected technologist in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. He is the founder and visionary CEO of Code Genie AI, a technology firm that develops Artificial Intelligence platforms for startups and enterprises. Hall has worked with notable organizations such as Oracle, Corning, HP, Honda, PeopleSoft, Capital Group American Funds, American Red Cross, Avery Dennison, Robert Half, Nevada Power, among others. He has built multiple startups, raised millions in VC capital for his companies, and has had successful exits.

You can learn more about Hall at his website at


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Ticket : $299


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