JetSetGo: Kanika Tekriwal’s Soaring Success In The Skies of Indian Aviation

JetSetGo: Kanika Tekriwal’s Soaring Success In The Skies of Indian Aviation

In the dynamic world of business, success stories often emerge from the most unexpected circumstances. Kanika Tekriwal, the visionary entrepreneur behind JetSetGo, exemplifies this truth with her remarkable journey through the Indian aviation industry. Her story is one of resilience, innovation, and breaking gender stereotypes, making her a trailblazer in the male-dominated world of aviation.

The Woman Behind the Success

Kanika Tekriwal’s journey is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. She not only overcame personal health challenges but also shattered gender stereotypes in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Her remarkable ability to command respect, trust, and success has been an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women.

Her journey also underscores the importance of embracing adversity and using it as a catalyst for change. When others told her to consider opening a boutique or baking cupcakes, Kanika remained steadfast in her vision, ultimately creating a legacy in the skies.

The Genesis of JetSetGo

Kanika’s journey began with an ambitious dream—to transform the way people access and experience aviation. Despite facing a daunting personal battle with cancer, her unwavering determination pushed her to set up JetSetGo in 2012. Her vision? To create India’s first marketplace for chartered jets, a venture that was virtually unheard of at the time.

“When others told her to consider opening a boutique or baking cupcakes, Kanika remained steadfast in her vision, ultimately creating a legacy in the skies.”

What truly sets JetSetGo apart is its unique business model. The company operates and manages private jets owned by various individuals, providing a full spectrum of services, including maintenance, safety, in-flight support, and ground operations. This model not only lowers costs for private jet owners but also makes these luxurious aircraft available for charter to others.

The JetSetGo Difference: Redefining Indian Aviation

JetSetGo has quickly become a trailblazer in the Indian aviation industry. The company’s business model offers several unique selling points that set it apart from the competition.

1. Cost-Efficiency: JetSetGo has successfully disrupted the traditional private aviation landscape by reducing costs for private jet owners. By sharing maintenance and operational expenses across multiple aircraft, owners can enjoy the perks of private jet ownership at a fraction of the cost.

2. Accessibility: Kanika Tekriwal’s vision extends to making private aviation accessible to a broader audience. The company’s marketplace concept opens the doors for those who might have only dreamed of flying in a private jet. JetSetGo is democratizing aviation, allowing more people to experience luxury travel.

3. Customer Trust: Kanika believes that being a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry has earned her a unique level of trust from her customers. This trust has been pivotal in JetSetGo’s success, fostering strong client relationships and repeat business.

4. Market Growth: JetSetGo’s journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. In a short span, it has expanded its fleet to encompass around 22 aircraft and helicopters, becoming India’s largest private jet and helicopter business. The company’s impressive 7x financial growth further underscores its prowess in the industry.

5. Navigating Adversity: Kanika’s personal battle with cancer and her ability to bounce back exemplify her resilience and determination. Her story showcases the power of unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

Changing the Face of Indian Aviation

JetSetGo’s long-term strategy involves pioneering Urban Air Mobility (UAM) with its Electrical Vertical Takeoff Aircraft Service (eVTOL). This futuristic service offers efficient and affordable air travel between urban locations, envisioning a future where air taxis are as common as ride-sharing services.

The eVTOL service is designed to provide a shuttle service between two points within a city, with charges as competitive as an Uber ride, ranging from INR 1,000 to INR 2,500, depending on the distance. JetSetGo has already piloted this innovative service in Mumbai, and the concept of air taxis is poised to reshape the future of Indian transportation.

In a world where every industry has undergone significant disruption, aviation remains one of the few areas where infrastructure constraints and high capital expenditure have hindered progress. However, JetSetGo is on the cusp of revolutionizing the aviation sector in the next decade.


Kanika Tekriwal’s JetSetGo is a living testament to what can be achieved through resilience, determination, and innovative thinking. Her unique business model has disrupted the private aviation industry in India, offering cost-effective and accessible luxury travel experiences.

With the pioneering eVTOL service, JetSetGo is poised to revolutionize urban transportation, setting a precedent for air taxis in India. Kanika’s journey, from battling cancer to soaring high in the aviation industry, serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

JetSetGo’s journey is a prime example of how adversity can be the catalyst for groundbreaking change. Kanika Tekriwal’s unwavering commitment to her vision has turned a dream into reality and is undoubtedly changing the face of Indian aviation, one flight at a time.


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