Julie Stevanja: Pioneering Digital Retail with Stylerunner and Wrapd

Julie Stevanja: Pioneering Digital Retail with Stylerunner and Wrapd

Co-founder of Stylerunner and Wrapd, Julie Stevanja has been a prominent figure in the Australian tech and retail industry. Based in the Greater Sydney Area, she boasts over 6K followers and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn.

Stylerunner: Revolutionizing Activewear Retail

Stevanja co-founded Stylerunner, a premium designer activewear and athleisure retailer, in 2012. Based in New South Wales, Stylerunner quickly became a cult destination for activewear, gaining a reputation for its curated selection of high-quality products. Stevanja served as the CEO of Stylerunner, leading the company to impressive growth and success.

Under her leadership, Stylerunner was sold to the Accent Group, marking a new chapter in the company’s journey3. Despite the challenges faced by the startup, Stevanja remained ecstatic about the company’s potential and the opportunity for a second chance.

Wrapd: A New Venture in Digital Retail

After her stint at Stylerunner, Stevanja embarked on a new venture with her twin sister Sali Sasi, co-founding Wrapd (previously known as Her Black Book). Wrapd is a Brand to Consumer Communications Platform and Shopping App that aims to connect retail brands with their consumers in a more meaningful way.

The twin sister entrepreneurs were able to secure seed funding for Wrapd, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and their ability to attract investment for their ventures. Under Stevanja’s leadership, Wrapd has been rebranded and has continued to evolve, reflecting her ability to adapt and innovate in the ever-changing digital retail space.

Julie Stevanja: Pioneering Digital Retail with Stylerunner and Wrapd

Accolades and Recognition

Stevanja’s remarkable achievements have been acknowledged with numerous awards and recognitions. She was ranked #11 in the “100 Coolest People in Australian Tech” and climbed to #9 in the “Top 50 Australian and New Zealand Women in Tech 2016”. Her entrepreneurial spirit was recognized when she was named the “Young Retail Entrepreneur of the Year”.

She also featured in the “Tech Fast 50” and “Fast Starter 2015” lists, showcasing her prowess in leveraging technology for business growth. Additionally, she was a finalist in several categories including “Startup Executive of the Year”, “Young Executive of the Year”, “Best New Online Retailer”, and “Startup of the Year”.

Stevanja’s business, Stylerunner, also made it to Australia’s top 20 online retailers in 2015, where it was ranked #14. Furthermore, she was named a “Rising Star” in the “Top 50 People in eCommerce” list.

Leadership and Influence

Julie Stevanja’s leadership style embodies a blend of vision, resilience, and a commitment to empowering others. As the co-founder of Wrapd and Stylerunner, she has successfully navigated the challenging world of e-commerce and emerged as an influential figure in the industry.

“…incredible leader and GIRLBOSS in the e-commerce industry!”

Stevanja’s leadership extends beyond her executive roles. She is known for her openness and dedication to giving back to the entrepreneurial community. A testament to this is the praise she receives from her peers and colleagues, who commend her for her exceptional leadership skills and her genuine desire to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

Recommendations from colleagues and peers highlight Stevanja’s exceptional leadership skills and her dedication to empowering other entrepreneurs. One such recommendation reads, “I remember back in 2016 hearing Julie speak at a conference and was instantly impressed with her class and openness, it was apparent Julie genuinely wanted to give back to other entrepreneurs and help them to succeed. I have and will continue to look up to Julie as an incredible leader and GIRLBOSS in the e-commerce industry!”

Furthermore, Stevanja’s approach to leadership is grounded in gratitude, as revealed in a daily practice she shared during an interview. This aspect of her leadership style shows her appreciation for her team and the experiences that have shaped her journey, further solidifying her position as an influential leader in the industry.


Julie Stevanja’s leadership and influence extend far beyond her roles at Wrapd and Stylerunner. Her dedication to empowering others, combined with her resilient spirit, make her an exceptional leader in the e-commerce industry.


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