Naomi Watts: Pioneering Change in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Naomi Watts: Pioneering Change in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Naomi Watts, renowned for her compelling performances on the silver screen, has seamlessly transitioned her creativity and passion into the realm of entrepreneurship, particularly within the health and wellness industry. This case study explores Watts’s journey as an entrepreneur, her motivations, the challenges she faced, and the impact of her ventures on the market and society.

The Genesis of a New Chapter

Naomi Watts’s entrepreneurial journey began with a personal quest. Despite her success in Hollywood, Watts sought to address a topic that remained largely unspoken yet was a universal experience for women: menopause. Partnering with Amyris, a leader in biotechnology, Watts co-founded Stripes, a brand dedicated to changing the narrative around menopause, inspiring confidence, and providing support for women navigating this phase of life.

Stripes: Empowering Through Innovation

Stripes stands out as a beacon of innovation in the wellness and beauty industry. It aims to demystify menopause, offering products such as creams and cooling sprays that address the physical symptoms women face during this transition. Beyond its product line, Stripes represents a movement towards empowering women to embrace menopause with confidence and dignity.

A Journey Marked by Collaboration

Watts’s entrepreneurial path is characterized by strategic collaborations that amplify her vision. Her partnership with Amyris underscores the importance of leveraging expertise in biotechnology to create products that are not only effective but also safe and sustainable. This collaboration exemplifies how entrepreneurs can drive change by joining forces with like-minded entities.

Challenges and Triumphs

Launching a venture around a topic as stigmatized as menopause was not without its challenges. Watts had to navigate societal taboos and market skepticism. However, her authenticity and commitment to raising awareness have been pivotal in Stripes’s success. By openly discussing menopause, Watts has sparked conversations and gradually shifted perceptions, making it a less daunting topic for millions of women.

Naomi Watts: Pioneering Change in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Expanding the Wellness Vision

Prior to Stripes, Watts co-founded Onda Beauty in 2014, a “clean” beauty retailer that focuses on non-toxic, natural skincare products. This venture showcased Watts’s long-standing commitment to wellness and sustainability, setting the stage for her later work with Stripes. Her efforts in the health and wellness space reflect a broader mission to promote well-being and environmental consciousness.

Impact and Legacy

Naomi Watts’s ventures have had a profound impact not only on the beauty and wellness industry but also on societal attitudes towards aging and women’s health. By addressing menopause openly and innovatively, Watts has helped to destigmatize this natural phase of life, offering support and solutions to women worldwide. Her work exemplifies how entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for social change, challenging norms and fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society.


Naomi Watts’s transition from an acclaimed actress to a successful entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry is a testament to her versatility, compassion, and vision. Through Stripes and Onda Beauty, Watts has channeled her influence to address critical issues, inspire confidence, and promote wellness. Her entrepreneurial journey underscores the potential of individual initiative to effect meaningful change, encouraging future generations of entrepreneurs to pursue their passions with purpose and determination.


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