Sean Senvirtne: A Visionary Leader Transforming the Australian E-commerce Landscape

Sean Senvirtne: A Visionary Leader Transforming the Australian E-commerce Landscape

Sean Senvirtne is an influential business figure in the Australian e-commerce landscape. As the founder and CEO of, he has spearheaded the growth of one of Australia’s leading online marketplaces. His journey from his early career to his current role at MyDeal offers valuable insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and the e-commerce industry.

Early Life and Education

Senvirtne was born and raised in Sri Lanka. He moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 2000 to further his education. He enrolled in Monash University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Systems and Information Technology.

Career Beginnings

Upon graduation, Senvirtne started his professional journey working in the IT sector for several years. However, he always harbored entrepreneurial ambitions. In 2010, he launched his first venture, which was an online directory for nightclubs. This initial foray into the digital space gave him valuable experience and sparked his interest in e-commerce.

Founding of E-COM (Aus) Group

Senvirtne’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn when he founded the E-COM (Aus) Group. Although details about this venture are not readily available, it is clear that his time with E-COM (Aus) Group was a formative period in his career. As CEO, he would have been responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company, managing its operations, and leading its team.

Sean Senvirtne: A Visionary Leader Transforming the Australian E-commerce Landscape A Game Changer

In 2012, Senvirtne launched under the E-COM (Aus) Group umbrella. The platform began as a daily deals website, offering customers time-limited offers on a broad range of products. However, Senvirtne quickly realized the potential of a more comprehensive online marketplace to meet the diverse needs of Australian consumers.

Under Senvirtne’s leadership, pivoted to a broader online retail model. The platform expanded its product offerings across various categories, from furniture and home goods to electronics and fashion. This bold move paid off, with quickly gaining traction among consumers and merchants alike.

Growth and Success

Over the years, has grown exponentially. It now boasts over 2 million active customers and offers more than 5 million products from thousands of sellers.

“In 2020, the company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), marking a significant milestone in its growth journey.”

Senvirtne’s success with has earned him several accolades. In 2016, he was named Business Leader of the Year at the Optus My Business Awards. He was also a National Finalist in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards in 2023.

Leadership Style and Vision

Senvirtne is known for his passionate and visionary leadership style. He firmly believes in the power of technology to transform commerce and strives to ensure that stays at the forefront of innovation.

He fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous learning within his team. His LinkedIn posts often highlight the importance of passion, dedication, and teamwork in achieving business success.


Sean Senvirtne’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his vision, resilience, and leadership. His success with has not only transformed the e-commerce landscape in Australia but also set a benchmark for aspiring entrepreneurs. As he continues to lead, his story serves as an inspiring case study in entrepreneurship and digital innovation.


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