We Analysed Data On Taylor Swift Fans: This Is What We Found

We Analysed Data On Taylor Swift Fans: This Is What We Found

Devoted Fans:

Frequent visits to Taylor Swift’s official sites (taylorswift.lnk.to, taylor.lk, store.taylorswift.com, etc.) indicate a strong fan base that is highly engaged with her music and brand. These individuals are likely to be loyal followers who actively support and promote her work.

Music Lovers:

The presence of numerous music-related sites such as iHeartRadio, Official Charts, Grammy, MTV, Shazam, and Deezer suggests an audience that is passionate about music in general. They likely keep up with the latest releases, news, and trends in the music industry.

Pop Culture Enthusiasts:

Visits to entertainment and pop culture websites like E! Online, Perez Hilton, Seventeen, and PopSugar reveal an interest in celebrity news, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment industry happenings. This indicates a group that enjoys staying updated on pop culture and celebrity life.

Social Media Savvy:

The use of social media platforms like Tumblr and Ask.fm, and engagement tools like Rebrandly and Unfollowers.com, suggests a digitally savvy audience that actively interacts with others online and values social connections.


Engagement with fan-based platforms like 1directiongames.com, Wattpad, and YouNow shows a desire for community interaction and shared fandom experiences. These users likely appreciate being part of a community where they can express their admiration for Taylor Swift and connect with other fans.

Fashion and Lifestyle Conscious:

Regular visits to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Elle imply an interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. This group likely values personal style and follows trends in fashion and beauty.

Humour Appreciators:

The visit to 9gag.com, a site known for its humorous content, suggests an audience that enjoys humour and light-hearted entertainment.

Politically Engaged:

Engagement with sites like Vote.org and IWillVote.com indicates a politically aware group that values civic participation.

Global Citizens:

Visits to international news outlets, global music platforms, and foreign-language sites suggest a globally-minded audience that is interested in international music, news, and culture.

What their Subreddit Habits Tell us about them.

From the analysis of the subreddit habits of Taylor Swift fans, several tendencies and patterns arise:

Music Interests: Fans are not only dedicated to Taylor Swift’s music but also show interest in various other artists such as Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Weeknd, Kacey Musgraves, John Mayer, Bon Iver, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran. This suggests a broad interest in different genres and styles of music.

Pop Culture: Subreddits like popheads, popculturechat, and popheadscirclejerk indicate an interest in the broader sphere of pop culture, including music, movies, TV shows, and celebrity news.

Fan Engagement: Fans actively engage in discussions, share memes, and participate in community activities in subreddits like YouBelongWithMemes and SwiftieMerch.

Lifestyle & Personal Interests: Subscriptions to subreddits like SkincareAddiction, femalefashionadvice, MakeupAddiction, and thriftstorehauls suggest interests in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

TV Shows & Movies: Subscriptions to subreddits like GilmoreGirls, thebachelor, LoveIsBlindOnNetflix, DunderMifflin, gameofthrones, and PrettyLittleLiars imply a strong interest in TV shows and movies.

Other Interests: The diverse list of subscribed subreddits shows interests in a variety of topics, from hobbies like pokemon and sewing to advice forums like relationships and dating_advice to mental health communities like Anxiety and depression.

Community Building: The existence of niche Taylor Swift subreddits like GaylorSwift, SwiftieMerch, and WorshipTaylorSwift demonstrate a strong sense of community among fans and their shared love for Taylor Swift.


In summary, Taylor Swift’s fans on Reddit are deeply engaged with her music and persona, participate actively in various fan communities, and have a broad spectrum of interests outside of her music.

    Taylor Swift Fans Data

    So Who Are These People?

    The typical profile of a person who talks about Taylor Swift and visits these websites or reddits might be a devoted fan of Taylor Swift who enjoys pop culture, values social interaction and community involvement, stays updated on fashion and lifestyle trends, and is digitally savvy. They are likely to be music lovers who keep up with the latest trends in the music industry and enjoy sharing their interests with others online. This individual probably has a sense of humour, is politically engaged, and considers themselves a global citizen. As a marketer or sociologist, understanding these traits can help tailor campaigns or studies to resonate with this audience.


    Here’s what Taylor Swift’s marketing team has done:

    Collaborated with Podcasts: Recognizing the popularity of podcasts among her fanbase, Taylor’s team arranged for her to be a guest on popular podcasts like “After Elvis” and “Morning莽街.” This gave her the opportunity to discuss her music, personal experiences, and views on topics that interest her fanbase.

    Sponsored Episodes: To further reach out to her audience, Taylor’s team sponsored episodes of these podcasts. Hosts promoted her music, merchandise, or upcoming concerts, helping to increase her visibility and engagement.

    Created Exclusive Content: Understanding the value of exclusive content, Taylor created behind-the-scenes footage, acoustic versions of songs, and more for these podcasts. This not only promoted her work but also added value to the podcast, making it a win-win situation.

    Ran Contests and Giveaways: To engage her audience further, Taylor’s team ran contests or giveaways on these podcasts. Listeners had the chance to win concert tickets, meet-and-greets, or exclusive merchandise, increasing their interaction and connection with Taylor.

    Cross-Promoted on Social Media: Taylor’s team collaborated with these podcasts for cross-promotion on social media platforms. This allowed them to reach a wider audience and increase Taylor’s digital footprint.

    Tailored Marketing Messages: Recognizing the diverse interests of her audience, Taylor’s team tailored marketing messages to fit the themes of each podcast. For instance, on the Patriots Player & Coach Audio podcast, Taylor discussed her music’s influence on sports or her own experiences as a sports fan.


    By aligning their marketing efforts with the interests of her audience and the platforms they frequent, Taylor Swift’s team has effectively reached and engaged her fanbase.


    What A Swifty Might Look Like

    This is generalised analysis based on data and might not match everyone but it’s interesting to see what people’s habits might tell us about them.

    Personality and Public Behaviour: Swifties seem to have a broad range of interests, from music and pop culture to TV shows, books, and personal health topics. They are likely to be outgoing and sociable, given their active participation in various online communities and discussions. They might be detail-oriented and analytical, as they often engage in deep dives into Taylor’s lyrics and music videos.

    Occupation: Given the diversity of the fan base, it’s challenging to pinpoint specific occupations. However, considering their interest in music, entertainment, and pop culture, some might work in related fields like media, entertainment, marketing, or the arts.

    Interpersonal Behaviour: Swifties are likely to be supportive and empathetic, given their frequent discussions around mental health and personal experiences. They may also be passionate and dedicated, as evidenced by their intense engagement with Taylor’s music and persona.

    Dark Secrets: As with any group, it’s impossible to generalise about ‘dark secrets’. However, some fans may struggle with mental health issues, as indicated by their engagement with subreddits related to anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

    Beverages and Socialising: While specific beverage preferences aren’t available, it’s reasonable to assume a diverse range of preferences. Given their active online socialising, Swifties might enjoy a balance between time alone (perhaps listening to music or engaging online) and time with friends discussing shared interests.

    Spending Habits: Swifties likely spend money on music-related purchases (albums, concert tickets, merchandise). They might also invest in their various interests, such as skincare products, fashion, books, or vinyl records.

    Friends: Swifties probably have a diverse friend group, including fellow fans and people who share their other interests. The number of friends would vary greatly, but given their online engagement, they likely have a broad network of both online and offline connections.

    Type of Friends: Given their interests and the supportive nature of the fan community, Swifties’ friends are likely to be empathetic, open-minded, and passionate about their interests.

    Taylor Swift Fans, we love you all.


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